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We are the usual Italians. Creative, unpredictable, passionate. A little bit artists and a little bit artisans. Idealists and individualists. Elegant and spontaneous. Imaginative and obsessed with details.
We like to enjoy life, every day, in any situation: Spaghetti Wall.

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The material, the shadow, the background: from the search for a new balance between these three elements, the White Brush Collection was born. The inspiration comes from the memory of the figures and inscriptions drawn with lime, on the windows of fishmongers of yesteryear. The gestures of the brushstroke and the mellow density of white transform the wall into a soft, three-dimensional world in which light plays naturally with the material, or the effect of shadow is deliberately reinforced. A sensation achieved through successive tests and excavations to bring out the depth of the surface. It is a way of arriving at an original spatiality, working on the thin line between graphics and material, to create something truly unique. Marks originally traced with a brush dipped in Indian ink on cardboard become threedimensional patterns that evoke the organic grain of leaves and wood, or more linear and simple strokes that draw deliberately imperfect geometries. With a spirit akin to the world of art as well as the world of design, the approach is experimental and radical: the very renunciation of points of alignment between designs means that each room will be different from the others, as are its inhabitants. Because after all, that is what our work is all about: creating spaces that are increasingly human. — Gian Paolo Venier

White Brush Collection

Experience nature as an artistic representation, a hymn to the beauty that crosses places and eras of culture and art: from East to West, unexplored territories or secret gardens, throughout the seasons of life.


Visionary and engaging environments that draw inspiration from lush jungles, exotic cultures, traditional decorations or references to pop culture, for environments that are a far cry from the commonplace.


From the artisan tradition of the past, to the environments and challenges of the present, a way of furnishing and decorating spaces that creates a dimension made of natural prestige and scenographic sensations.


Colours like notes in the air, vibrations of the gaze and of the soul, shades that define the inexpressible and create seductive atmospheres in which everyone can imagine their next life scenario.


The art of living is expressed through shapes, combinations, and compositions that make each room timeless, ranging from the styles of modernity to the inspirations of the past, always with an original and creative trait.


Material sensations that transform spaces, walls that become pages of a narrative made of colours, mixtures, reactions and creations, environments that are dressed in infinite possibilities, where change is the only constant.


Spaces lived and to be lived, signs of the time that give a philosophical depth to the spaces, ancient decorations and colours that become part of the present, continuing to cast light and shadow on our interiority.


Light weaves, tone-on-tone combinations, dreamy and enveloping atmospheres, spaces playing on recollections and emotions, express a romantically contemporary way of living and being.


Spaghetti Wall inaugurates a new way of imagining and seeing wallpaper, with a collection in which white is the absolute star of the show. A non-colour that is an additive synthesis of all possible colours, capable of telling infinite stories, just as infinite as its subtle shades. With the So White project, a selection of graphic motifs is interpreted in the light of an achromaticity that is as unexpected as it is fascinating and meaningful. They are complemented by the five patterns of the White Brush Collection, created by Gian Paolo Venier: an important collaboration for a wallpaper that in the subtle relationship between white and its opposite, namely shadow, discovers exciting inspirations and new design avenues. Because white, as Kandinsky wrote, is a silence full of possibilities.

So White

Outfitting any environment with wood, a natural choice that, thanks to technology, becomes even more sustainable, advantageous, durable and with a vein of genius that resolves any aesthetic and functional need.

Touch Wood

Taylor Made

Spaghetti Wall wallpaper is produced just in time: every design is adapted with tailor-made accuracy to the dimensions of the walls to obtain a precise to the millimetre outcome, like a tailored suit. Every design in the catalogue can be customized from the point of view of colouring and of the graphic elements. Spaghetti Wall creative Team is at your disposal for the creation of on-demand designs.

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Oro Glossy

Pop White

Cool Gold

Glam Black

White Sound



Termo Black



Golden wallpapers by SpaghettiWall

Oro Glossy è il supporto inedito offerto da SpaghettiWall per la realizzazione di carte da parati dagli effetti cangianti.
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Press Kit Spaghetti Wall MDW2022

SpaghettiWall: Gian Paolo Venier's 'white-on-white' wallpapers at Milan Design Week 2022
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Spaghetti Wall: black & white trend on the wall

A timeless combination in fashion and interior design, the juxtaposition of the two 'non-colours’ par excellence - black and white - has created a real stylistic code, with famous textures and graphic suggestions developed internationally.
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Texture floreali di primavera per le carte da parati

Tra boccioli, prati in fiore e morbide corolle, insieme a pattern acquarellati o dalle ricche vegetazioni tropicali, le carte da parati Spaghetti Wall trasformano le pareti con un vivace mood primaverile.
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