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Wooden Stripes - Studio Brioschi Ventrelli

Taylor Made

1 – Design adaptation

All the graphic elements can be resized and replaced in harmony with the dimensions of the surfaces to be coated, in order to always obtain an optimal viewing experience.

2 – Adaptation for special materials

Every wallpaper can be realized on special subrstrates (Oro Glossy, Touchwood, Glass System): Spaghetti Wall offers its advice and intervenes on the graphic file, in order to always guarantee the best result.

3 – Color customization

Even the tones and shades of the wallpaper can be modified to create a perfect match with the environment and the other elements of the interior design project.

4 – On demand

Spaghetti Wall creative Team can develop new designs starting from a client brief or work on files provided by the client to make them suitable for the wallpaper printing.

5 – Rolls adaptation

To optimize the viewing experinece and the installation and reducing waste, wallpapers can be supplied in rolls with an widht suitable for the specific needs of the client's project.


Step No 1: Move the furniture

Before starting to work, clear the wall where you are going to apply the wallpaper and move the furniture. Don't forget to remove any carpets or rugs from the floor!

Step No 2: Take measurements

To understand how much surface you are ging to cover with the wallpaper, take measurements with accuracy.

Step No: 3 Remove screws and sockets

To apply the wallpaper smoothly remove from the walls any screws, spikes, adhesive tape and sockets: the wall must be as clean as possible.

Step No 4: Grout and smoothen any holes

Once screws, spikes and sockets have been removed, grouth the holes and smoothen the wall, making sure to remove any lumps or cracks from the surface. The wall where you are going to apply the wallpaper must be smooth and dry.

Step No 5: Collect necessary items

To apply the wallpaper to the wall you will need a cutter, a plastic spatula, an iron spatula, a small roll, a spirit level, a cloth and a bucket. In the Spaghetti Wall kit you'll recieve the application layout of the wallpaper and the product to make wallpaper paste. The wallpaper is divided in bands, numbered accordind the right sequency of application; the starting point fot the application of the first roll is going to be clearely indicated (to be applied left-to-right).

Step No 6: Use the plumb line

Using the spirit level, draw pencil marks on the wall to help you get the right distance from the left wall and lay the first strip. The mark you will make will be the reference point for starting with the laying of the wallpaper, which should protrude slightly on the left side.

Step No 7: Prepare and spread the glue

Take the bucket and fill it with water; slowly add the dust, mixing to avoid lumos. Once the glue is ready, use a brush to spread it in the corners and a roller to apply it on the wall.

Step No 8: Install the wallpaper

Start installing the wallpaper applaying the first roll at the top left, using your hands. Lascia un’abbondanza nella parte superiore della parete, in modo da sistemare la carta dritta. Srotola gradualmente la fascia verso il basso e, usando la spatola in plastica, fissala al muro. Procedi successivamente con le altre fasce seguendo il disegno fornito nel kit. Assicurati di stendere le fasce in modo che il disegno cada giusto.

Step No 9: System finishes

Taglia le eccedenze rimaste sulla parete di sinistra, in alto e in basso, aiutandoti con la spatola in ferro e il taglierino. Usa un piccolo rullo per avvicinare tra loro le fasce e rendere meno visibili possibile le giunzioni.